Writing Clips


From grit to graduation, a homeless senior’s journey (June 2015) Six months spent looking at one homeless teenager’s struggle to graduate and attend college amid her senior year.
Slicing and dicing Tyler Heights, a school with grades three through five in portable units (October 2014) At one Annapolis elementary school, grades three through five are held in portable units outside of the school. How the school system plans to slice and dice the growing population for the next school year.
It’s a 7:17 a.m. start time  — but is it too early? (September 2014) A decade-long fight about whether the county school system should change its start times gets a look at the reality of one teenager’s day, and how he says the lack of sleep affects him.
Charter school to charge $70 per month per kid for bus services (July 2014) One of the two charter schools in the county makes plans to charge a bus fare for its students.
County continues 50-50 split on state construction, despite others receiving more (December 2014) The complicated equation behind state construction dollars, and why Anne Arundel typically gets less than some of its peers.

First person:

Dear Facebook, you could help save local journalism and here is how. (September 2016) How the social media giant could use beacon technology to help news.
Thousands line up for House of Cards auditions (May 2015) Auditions for the popular television show arrives in Annapolis, and I got to put my hat in the ring too.
Flying through air with a secure amount of ease (June 2015) Learning how to trapeze brought a childlike piece of me back that I thought I had lost.
A dog has its day, but prefers sand to water (June 2014) For our annual Day Tripper series, we take day-long vacations in the area. I took my boyfriend’s newly adopted dog to Assateague Island, where we could see whether she was a true water dog.


Five lives from one (February 2014) After Brittany Warfield was shot and killed by her boyfriend, many of her organs were donated. This article follows the journey of where those organs went, and the families that have been affected by her choice for organ donation.