About Me


Hi there, I’m a transplant to LA from Maryland, by way of Pittsburgh. I’m the digital editor and a reporter for The Beach Reporter, a subsidiary of Southern California News Group. Prior to that, I covered education for The Capital, a newspaper based in the state’s capital, Annapolis. I enjoy writing about how policy affects people, and long features. I love visualizations and mapping, and figuring out how to explain complicated issues in simplistic ways.

Previous experience includes covering just about everything at The Carroll County Times, and working on Capitol Hill covering congressional politics. I was a serial intern in college at places like ABC News, Animal Planet and at a PR agency.

My interests run far and wide. I love covering anything from social media, pop culture, education, government, crime, to Kanye West. I have developed a healthy respect for the Kardashians. I like drinking craft beer, hiking, and crocheting. I bake a lot. I’m a small-r runner: I love to run, but am not exactly fast. Feel free to look around, and find some recent clips, or contact me.